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Beauty industry has always been full of myth. "My sister says this is good", "My stylist swears by it"
When you read a beauty magazine or late night infomercials, companies are busy claiming "This is the ultimate answer."
Is it really? 
At least it hasn't been so far... I think.
Or maybe it has, just maybe, no matter which product is invented, our desire can never fulfilled.
While serving clients daily at a beauty store, I regularly meet frustrated customers who have been disappointed by the products and styles their mother, sister, friends, stylists, and even the strangers sware "it is the bomb."
At the same time, I also witness great products that never get to stay long enough on the shelves and disappear.  Whenever I see that happens, I know somebody out there must be able to say what is the myth and what is the truth. 
So, here we go. Let's talk straight with the facts and facts only about beauty and the beauty products.

Hair Talk
Hair Talk
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