The is very small beauty supply store and I have no intention to pretend to be a BIG and wonderful company. We do not have separate office or employees in "Shipping Department" or "Accounting Department." When you call our store, I maybe answering while packing the boxes or helping the walk-in customers. We are just a few people in local beauty supply stores wearing lots of hats, doing lots of different things all day.

But I can say that we are possibly one of the most blessed hair store in Washington DC metropolitan area. Our store is a gathering place for people who are "crazy" about hair..... like I am. A place where you are welcome to talk about hair with us all day without buying anything. A place where informal hair seminars or forum can be organized among our staff and Cosmetologists.
EON Natural, Inc. (under the trade name of Care Beauty Supply) was found by me, Travis Johng, in year 2000 as an upscale beauty supply retail store in Washington DC area. Immediately upon the opening, the Care Beauty Supply received recognition as "Beauty Store of the Year" by the Beauty Times magazine. It has also been selected as the premier case- study by the Beauty Expo organizers and showcased at the Beauty Expo's Las Vegas convention in year 2001. The Care Beauty Supply became the model store and set a new standard of retail beauty store nationwide.
EON Natural has been the leader in hair fashion industry and an advocate of 'going natural' movement. EON Natural gained immediate recognition after creating the hair revolution centered by the internationally known styles such as Kinky Twist, Nubian Twist, Spring Twist, Fluffy Twist, and Kinky Locs.

Among the styles, the Kinky Twist first became the biggest hit in early 2000. Large hair companies began copying Kinky Twist hair and packaged it in different names. The copycats used plastic hair (Polypropene) and offered at much lower price. Average consumers would not know the side effects and health risk of using plastic hair and believed to be same quality as Acrylic based fiber as EON.

Even though copycats unjustly destroyed the standard of hair for natural styles that EON tried so hard to build, EON maintained its standard of hair quality in hair fibers and sold only to the reputable natural hair shops. EON, as the creator of the Kinky Twist, could easily get into the mess production for retail distribution and earn millions of dollars. But EON decides to let the opportunity go and stay its conservative course.